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Claire is a perfume of clear and advanced mind, it is a crystal clear scent, which evokes a clear or crystal clear sea, pleasant loneliness and swimming dolphins.

Sharp floral perfume with scent of narcissus, geranium, ginger frais or artemisia gently cleans blocks or parts of pain in our energetical bodies. Perfume supports self-love, helps with diplomacy and emotional control in personal and business life. It can assist you in feelings to stay more balanced as you move through the hormonal cycles and it helps you in overcoming the blues. Using this perfume brings mental peace and serenity, cleans the old wounds in heart.

On the other hand it boosts your magnetic  vibrations to attract love, romance and committed relationships.

Claire perfume is the energy of gratitude and abundance, open heart, love and great  

flow of energy. Claire activates the feelings of real inner happiness, success  and awareness that we may achieve all that we are able to.

Information for the mineral lowers - the Claire is connected with mineral Opal

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