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Perfume Mysterium of  the Life is the scent of self - authority and power - physical, mental and spiritual - all is transformed to be healthy.

Total detoxification and purification of our energetical body, helps to decrease the need for consumption of alcohol, decreases the inner tension and regenerates the body and energy field by grounding high-frequency energy into our physical system.

Decreases the feeling of nervosity and helps to strengthen the body and energy field.

Great scent for overcoming fear of all types. Perfume heals people who selfishly control others, by making them more morally aware of their actions, can be used to overcome compulsions frustration and obsessions. Helps you to separate your own issues from the issues of others, by setting personal boundaries.

It is a great scent to have in your pocket, when making difficult life changes and go through the big life challenges.

People who are normally driven by other people's ideas realize it and come back to their own  agenda, untagles chaotic thoughts and confusions.

Stimulates the visions, insights and promotes the awareness of different realities.

Heals your heart and opens the inspiration process, one can be used to ward off negative energy and vibrations from psychic attacks, clears negativity.

Inside of perfumes are following ingredients:

patchouli, cedar wood, ylang-ylang, rosewood, inscens and vanilla.

All in all the perfume support the feelings of peace , safety and home

The information for the mineral lowers - the perfume is connected with charoite.

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