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Perfume Sevan arouses vastness and space we feel inside of us, the inner calm and peace. The space and incredible depth for the contentment of the Soul. Openness and honesty. Perfume has a calming energy, releasing anger and frustration. It assists you in dealing with negative emotions in a less aggressive and hurtful manner.

The components of this perfume encourage detachment from the concerns and worries of everyday life.

The ingredients help to see the situations from the bigger picture, feel the relief, leave the sense of guilt, naturally clean, refresh the heavy feelings or desperate desire of self-realization.

Black pepper, clove helps to calm down the digestion system, but it is also aphrodisiac. Pine supports the body spirit, supplies the positive thinking and the ability to breath again. Pine restores self-confidence, distracts the melancholy.

Other ingredients are cypriol, copaiba and myrtle.

Copaiba increases the breathing and transportation of the oxygen through our body, the process of oxygenation increases our good mood and the feeling of happiness.

Fresh, lively and cooling perfume Sevan enables us to feel the expansivity of our inner heart.

Information for the mineral lowers - perfume Sevan is connected with sodalite. 



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