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To the puryfing the Soul and Body, to remove the negative energies from your Aura system was created a brand new perfume called Amon-né.

This is a pure, floral perfume with the touch of woody tons.

It is calming you down from daily routine and stress and it allows you to flow to another " different "  sphere.

Great to use, when you finish your daily work and want to catch up a new breath for your afterwork social life.

It is a great scent when you feel down or exhausted. You can also use this scent to improve your sensitivity to feel the fine-mass vibrations or to improve the prophetical ability, visions, clairvoyance etc.


As if the Amonné opens for the World reborn Myself, is bringing to our life growth, prosperity and renewal. This perfum accompany a new cycle of our life.

The heart of the scent is a psychedelic Mimosa - with its sugary scent opens a new plains of life, sandal wood - bringing the calmness and healing of old suffering.

Jasmine for elevation of the mind, to support the inner courage againts our impatience, to increase your joy and opening the creativity.

At the bottom we may find Benzoe - usefull when overworked, calming us down, nourishing our senses and helps to establish inner harmony.

Frangipani heals the suffering we feel when loosing the close relatives or partner.

Palo santo wood brings to our life calmness and connection with the wholeness of ourselves - Soul and Body are one.

Supporting and down based Vetiver works when we feel overworked.

Top notes of the perfume are completed with pepper and blackcurrant. 

Altogether we may obtain from this perfume a very nice impression of the stability, clear mind. It purifies the body and opens us to the inner integrity.

The perfume itself also stimulate the state of higher awarness, as it brings us to oneself, to our feelings and inner guidance. 

To enhance the effect of the perfume, I suggest to use the mineral Amonit.

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