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Pure Heart

Pure Heart

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The perfume Pure Heart is just one of the rare perfumes, which is a crystal clear and a delicate.

Somebody, who has a problem to communicate, may open, thanks to this perfume, any borders of communication.

For some people, this perfume can be very difficult almost sharp like knife one, if you have troubles to speak.

The very basic mixture the scents of rose and other ingredients, which support the communication - for example fennel, mentha or lemon.

Mentha - to see the new path, new visions.

Fennel - to say the inner thoughts - ideas oppressive and  hidden.

To say these ideas honestly and clearly.

And on top also to keep our behaivour detached from the inner emotions we smell lemon.

On the bottom of perfume is wood of Siam and neroli, both ingredients disolve the guilty feelings.

The information for the mineral lowers, this perfume is connected with aquamarine.


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