Pure Heart

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Pure Heart

Pure Heart

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The perfume Pure Heart is crystal clear and delicate. It is a perfume of communication and good self- expression.

This perfume helps with emotional eruptions caused by excessive stress. Resolves issues with apathy or lack of drive for life. Perfume Pure Heart increases the feeling of security and self-confidence, gives us the ability to shed unwanted emotional baggage and bring us back feelings of joy of life.

You may have a trouble to speak openly or express your wishes and needs, Pure Heart may help you to speak without guilt.

The heart of perfume is a mixture of Turkish rose and other ingredients supporting the communication - fennel and mentha.

The bottom of perfume is kept by Wood of Siam, neroli to dissolve the feelings of guilt. Lightness of honest expression commes together with Perfume Pure Heart - eased by lemmon and aquamarine.


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