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Emerlad Beauty

Emerlad Beauty

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The harmony fluently increases in the natural flow of life and our calm emotions.

The sexual experience is a possibility of connection with our loving partner and the experience of dance of woman and man energy.

The feelings are naturally flowing, behaviour is in the form of creation. The Emerald beauty supports and harmonizes our sexual life. To have more time during sexual practise and be happy from this excitement of each other.

We like to see our potential being the creator via sexual life.

The ingredients used in Emerald Beauty are aphrodisiacal and uplifting: black pepper, tuberose, opium, inscens, jasmine.

On the bottom we may find: vetiver, quajack wood, tabac and on the top we smell birch or black currant buds.

This is a scent of new beginnings, supports self-confidence and restoration of inner connection to us and the connection to the surroundings.

The new version of the Emerald Beauty contains the black orchid ( is in production, not available yet ).


For the mineral lovers there is news, that Emerald Beauty is connected with the picture jasper.

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