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Nadin - perfum of Inspiration and creativity. Very complex floral and woody scent with tones of fresh ginger. Scent is supporting the creativity, is blowing up the heady curiosity, which leads to the radical expresion of personal wishes or ideas easily and clearly.

Perfume Nadin eliminates from our lifes the stagnation, procrastination and the behaviour of leaving thigs to be done tomorrow.

Fascinating mineral Vanadinit, which is connected with perfume Nadin, supports our ability to overcome any blocages or obstacles.

Perfume Nadin motivates the energy of solar plexus and sexual energy, thanks to that, it stir up our behaviour bringing the results - stop procrastination !

This is perfume NADIN.

Floral ingredients - Beauty of the Night - frangipani, champaka, geranium or iris permeate with vetiver, copahu, aphrodisiacal ambra and lichen.

Would you like to rise up to your highest good ? Try perfume Nadin  - new beginnings and success is Yours !

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