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The perfume Anubis is a woody scent, which fully supports and offers us the special hint of energy. This perfume maintain inner integrity when others try to make you compromises. If you struggling with the demands of others, who would seek to limit your work, your life or your creativity, use perfume Anubis.

Then you will remove the obstacles from your life by connecting you more deeply to your true feelings, making decisions and seeing all more easier for You to continue with your life. The perfume Anubis grant you a general air of authority that comes from your personal integrity.

If you have got the feelings, that the surroundings is too much watching you, too much takes care about, the Anubis is the right perfume for you.

You may also feel a too big interest about your privacy, so then use perfume Anubis.

Perfume Anubis is the one, which supports very stable feelings about ourselves and it is nourishing for us.

When we use one, it evokes inside feelings like - I am here, stable in this world, connected with the Earth and I belong to this place. I am the part of this society.

Why do I write that the perfume is full of energy ? While the preparation of the perfume, several ingredients need to be heated to develop their inner scent.

Like some of our personalities need to be heated to flourish itself to the beauty.

It is kind of alchemy process, a kind of transformation.

It is the mystical act, giving a space to the energy around us and allow it to heat you up, but also to take care of you.

Dificult imagination ? Try the perfume Anubis and check your inner feelings.

The heart of the perfume are flowers - tuberose, iris, neroli.

Bottom ingredients are - benzoe, vetiver, opium, coffee and basil.

Top part if the perfume is for example inscents and the others.


This perfume is very deep, woody, animal, mystical perfume for strong personalities

If you wish to enhace the perfume feeling use the mineral - green fuchsite.

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