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Asiris is an extraordinary scent, which opens the body to inner feelings, mind to higher openness, enhances creativity, to fulfil the desires. Asiris embraces you and lets you feel the loving care.

It is a nice scent, which helps to let the things go, do not have much expectation and to focus especially on ourselves. The perfume Asiris improve self-esteem, self-confidence, removes the destructive tendencies and improves the motivation. In our daily lives perfume Asiris helps to be less sensitive to criticism, feels a higher positive attitude, verbalizes our thoughts, wishes and feelings.

Perfume especially for those who feel inner anger, but want to feel more joy of life, happiness, love and peace. When we need to lighten dark thoughts, to feel our wishes and positive feelings, to improve our intuition, to enjoy the abundance of life, the prosperity and the succes.

Going with the flow is for us much better than dwelling on the past.

I suggest very much for the hot seductive evenings of summer nights and the friskiness.

The bottom ingredients are: ylang ylang, gaiac wood, opium, mouse

The heart of perfume contents: lemon balm

The top notes are created by lavender, hibiscus and cypress.

If you wish to enhance the deep feelings of this perfume carry the mineral citrine.

Wish you good fortune, warmness, good energy and creativity.

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