Blooming meadow

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Blooming meadow

Blooming meadow

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Magical scent of the meadow and blossoming flowers indulges you by its herbal naturalness. The feelings, that you just wake up and wander and feel the morning dew. You may imagine carrying the cup of tea, maybe a camomile ?

I like very much to prepare the perfume Blooming Meadow, it is a perfume of communication, self-awareness, finding personal mission.

This perfume has a strong healing effect for these people, who worry to say their inner true and own opinion, harmonizes the endocrine system, increases the life appetite, warms up and stimulates the emotional body, increases the vibrations and self-confidence.

The purity and luminosity of this scent offers mental clarity and positive thoughts, sheds light on obstacles, brings luck and good fortune, new beginnings and optimism.

Perfume Blooming meadow teaches us to utilise your skills and abilities in service to others, it is a perfume of abundance, helping you to take action to manifest your desires in physicality. Blooming meadow emanates us the Solar Ray, attuning you  to Light and to the energy of the Sun.

One of the ingredients of new visions - mentha - increases the concentration, keeps attention, cleans the stomach, literally helps to live a new vision and new impression, increases a tolerance and uplift.

Same attributes like the flowers of orange blossom and angelica roots. Slightly heady are the ingredients of tuberose and marjoram. The marjoram supports an ability of self-fulfilment and increases the feelings of taking care of yourself.

In the perfume is also a fennel - the ingredient giving a strength and an ability of

self-expression and communication.

Essence of fennel cleans an overloaded people and invites for discussion without fear and barriers. It improves self-expression.

All in all this is a perfume of light, fresh and is connected with mineral - sun stone.

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