Goddess of the Night

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Goddess of the Night

Goddess of the Night

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The scent Goddess of Night, Goddess of Heaven, The Lady of the Night - the One which carry a thousand of Souls....

A shining Butterfly, Waving... the Wings of the inner transformation, the openness, the honesty and radiant inner Light.

The Heart of perfume is created by two powerfull ingredients:

heady white Gardenia and Jasmine.

Both beautiful essences bring to life - joy, creativity, harmony and are a symbol of Love and a mental desire.

Gardenia and Jasmine wake up inner passion and restore the ability of creativity.

These are the scents of Night, as we may smell the most intensive tones of ones exactly during the night.

The scents of the passionate Heart, creativity, relaxation and love.

The perfume itself improves intuition and helps our mind create very original ideas.

The Beauty of ylang ylang at the bottom of perfume provokes the sensuality and stir up the physical, mental and spiritual passion. Together with sandalwood and vanilla bring to mind calmness and peace, allow us to fully live our inner sensuality.

Top notes create a rosewood and grapefruit.

If you wish to enhance the feelings of perfume, carry a mineral brazilianite with you.

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