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Perfume Hébé is fresh, noticeable perfume working with the power of energy, releasing the power of space and freedom of the spirit. Brings stability, power, gives an ability to create prosperity and wealth based on good moral principles.

Perfume helps the women, who are hooked on the inner  behaviour pattern of productivity to rise up the stairs, uplift the reserved women, tied up and fulfilled especially with personal problems and care about the family. Often helps with self-confidence, gives the power and strength the character

Fresh but calming aroma of eucalyptus helps to distract the melancholy, bring back a good mood, regenerate the life power and positive detached view.

Bergamot brings positive thinking, delicate floral geranium supports the femininity and neroli ability the forgiveness.

Scent of lavender releases the feelings suppressing the self expression, incense helps with the concentration and uplifts the mind.

The formulation is step by step decomposing too nice forest scents of lily of the valley.

For the mineral lowers - the perfume is connected with sardonyx.

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