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Elegant perfume Lada of the pagan Goddess Lada is fresh, lively, but gentle scent, which resounds our awareness of the lightness, satisfaction and inner beauty. Our feelings will upgrade. What types of ingredients will help us from flowers ? - rose, geranium, sage, angelica. Or from the wood - sandalwood.

This perfume also thanks to black pepper cleans the stressful stomach tension. The scent of vetiver connects our feelings with the element Earth and helps us to feel inner peace.

Lada - very relaxing woman prophetic scent supports the permanent kindness, purifies the stagnant energy, helps to overcome the needs of permanent analyses of the past.

Lada - connects with the inner feelings and inner instincts, allows us to open ourselves to the world of inspiration of Light and Creation.

For many customers it is an aphrodisiac perfume, thanks to sage, aphrodisiacal black pepper or angelica. These ingredients increase libido, because ones clean and harmonize the endocrine hormonal system of the human body.

Lada gives happiness to the Life, inspires and unleashes the inner fire and passion.

It is a perfume of inner woman, sensual femininity, delicacy and motherhood.

Lada - perfume of letting things flow and let us obtain a kind of detached view over the actual life situation.

The mandarine notes support to manifest our inner child, whom we may then embrace and tolerate  - tolerate its needs and desires.

This perfume - Lada - eases the overall responsibility, fear and lets us accept into our lives new obligations. It is a perfume of harmony, inner beauty and marriage.

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