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Perfume Tuthmose has fresh scent and is awaking all our senses, one enables to understand, who we really are and not who we think we are.

Perfumes cleans a self harming behavoiur and self harming acting, dissolves the emotional pattern, blocks and brings clarity to our emotions in the way, that we can let go our schocks and fears from any life times.

Universally this perfume is very protective one, conecting us with ground and supporting very sensitive people.

Perfum itself improves the communication, brightling the senses and one helps to experience a new things or a new people to your life.

Sometimes Tuthmose opens us to a very paintfull personal truth quickly and works hard and strongly to show our weaknesses.

Nothing will stay hidden, on the other side, this perfume brings a big healing of the Soul.

Old wounds and trauma come on surface in such a way to be healed. We may create our future with perfume Tuthmose without any limits.

There are a following ingredients: rosewood, copaiba, inscens, patchouli, vetiver and speciality timut pepper.

Information for the mineral lowers - the perfume is connected with black obsidian.

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