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Charming, splendid perfume Azalea is a magnificent scent filled with gardenia, sandalwood, fennel, mimosa, rosewood or myrrha and the others.

The perfume reminds us of the scent of the cherry blossom or a cherry wood even if there is no drop of cherry.

Perfume Azalea lets us change the old path of our thoughts and helps to find a total new way of thinking.

Perfume cleans  a very old pattern, which we have got from childhood, school, university, family life. The scent enhances the compatibility and acceptance for others, stimulates creativity and helps to take control of your own life. This formulation keeps our feminin and masculine energy in balance and harmonizes both of it.

It releases the blocages like negativity or emotional programming. This scent enhances your intuitive perception, creative imagination and visualization abilities.

Azalea offers as well an assistance for you to overcome self-sabotage or procrastination and helps to take control of your own life.

Especially ingredients like fennel helps to clean the inner block area in the belly :) or coriander helps to speak about our inner needs and feelings.

If you would like to enhance the experience  of this perfume, carry the mineral - ametrine.

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