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Perfume Meritamon connects ourselves with Star chakra, increases personal vibrations, brings the blossoming of inner woman and teaches us to set up our personal boundaries with love.

The name Meritamon means in egyptian language - Loved by Good 

Scent extends the capability to feel wide love in heart specialy to ourselves.

Helps to integrate many information at once with clarity and love, and also connects us with personal guides, angels and Divide Masters.

The perfume Meritamon helps to rediscover our past lives and find a truly understandign of actual life path.

Meritamon helps to all, who work in home care service, but also in our relationships and family. The scent treats the  grief from the experience from the sexual abuse, helps to let the sad things go of from our lives.

Meritamon carries the energy of univerzal love and forgiveness.

The composition of perfume is secret, the Meritamon and mineral Desert Rose the highest vibrations of Universal Love, Divine protection and comprehension.

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