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Nadin inspiration - the lightworker with the subtext:

By hundreds of Souls occupied, covered by wild and yet so humble in age-old service to You.

Very complex, floral, fruity and a bit mysterious perfume with scent of fresh ginger.

Perfume of creativity supporting the production of human hormones, balances body and mind.

When we feel a split of personality, it supports life - curiosity and helps to express the inner ideas and wishes easily and clearly.

Removes from our lives the feelings of stagnation and refills us with togetherness and flow in our lives 

Perfume dissolves the old patterns and brings clarity to the wishes and tasks. 

From the flowers - frangipani, red champa or geranium

at the bottom - vetiver, copaiba, grey ambre and lichen

at the top - red berries

some of the very special ingredients stay hidden.

Information for the mineral lowers - perfume Nadin is connected with Vanadinite.

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