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Nirau is a very positive  perfume, teachs us to recognize the external danger, lies, personal attacts, hidden agresion in nice personal discussion or holding true behind the back. We may recognize a hidden enemy. Without any specific reason we understand this enemy is harmful for us.

Nirau perfume offers a deep feeling of assurance and peace. The perfume is connected with element Fire and Earth. Enables us to feel a hidden danger as a material fact, become aware of such a situation and send that back to the initiator.

Nirau warms up 1, chakra, dissolves fear and stimulate the vitality. Perfume supports introspection in the way of carrying out the inner feelings, which we may realize as a hidden true, trust to our inner feelings and it will work it out. 

Nirau harmonizes a volitale mood and calm down the anger, activates the body when we feel burnout syndrome and helps to improve sexual activity.

This perfume is very specific as it helps to resolve the core of the problem.

It is a very complex perfume good for improvement of social connections with following ingredients:

tonka, cardamom, sandal wood, perou balsam suprem, osmanthus and the others.

Information for the mineral lowers - the perfume is connected with fire agathe.


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