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Cleopatra is a little metallic scent, very unusual which supports the inner feelings of our inner woman part. It helps to show and open fully our woman site, which is sometimes trapped in the prejudice of the society.

There are beautiful ingredients like: jasmine, opium, turkish rose or olibanum. We may also smell vetiver, black pepper or ylang supreme.

Jasmine the scent of creativity helps us to express our creativity radically, incense in contrast to the jasmine enables us to improve our concentration at any detail.

Incense also cleans the lungs, releases stress and tension, so we may breath better and deeper.

The opium is afrodisiacum, also releasing the fear from imagination of the possible less success in the society.

Ylang is a nice calming down scent, turkish rose helps to take care of ourselves.

Rose is one of the best scents, which supports our life harmony and happiness.

Vetiver, the resin scent connects all ingredients together. On top notes we may find grapefruit - to see the lightness and easiness of life or the black pepper supporting our sexual feelings.


For the mineral lovers - short information, that the perfume is connected with rose quartz.


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