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Siraia perfume is made with the indigenous people - Siraia people from Taiwan. Every letter of its name of the perfume has a sense.

S - serene, I - imagination, R - romp, A - amenable, I - intensive, A - accountable.

It is a very nice, strong, intense and unusual interesting scent, which allows us to open to the flow of life, to find our own unique path. This scent opens very easy communication, leads us to our authentic behaviour, ability to express our wishes and manifest ones in the matter. Perfume Siraia assists the creative writing and improves telepathy.

This beautiful perfume, which brings us love, peace, mental balance, delicacy, openness and comprehension.

Siraia supports the romantic love and inner peace, brings very high vibrations to our lives and connects us with the angelic kingdom. This is one of the very expensive perfumes, which contains gardenia, mimosa, ylang supreme, fir, palo santo, benzoe or copahu. Several ingredients are hidden to your eyes.

Mysterious but still very clear scent, inner guidance, wakes up serene, but still very passionate miracles of our own life.

For the lowers of minerals - the perfume is collected with aqua aura.

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